Teranex Mini Analog to SDI 12G Converter

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Key Features
• Advanced High-Data Rate Signal Converter
• Upconvert Analog to 4K DCI 4096x2160p
• Two Independent 12G-SDI Outputs
• Run 4096x2160p 70 ft Using 6G-SDI Cables
• XLR Inputs Switchable to AES/EBU
• Ethernet Port for Remote Control or PoE
• Supports Optional LCD Smart Front Panel
• Intelligent Thermal Heat Dissipation
• 3 Units 1U Rack-Mountable in 19″ Rack
• Manage Numerous Units from a Mac or PC

Supporting up to 12G-SDI data rates with intelligent heat dissipation, and offering features such as XLR connections and an Ethernet control and PoE port, the Teranex Mini Analog to SDI 12G Converter, from Blackmagic Design, is a highly improved solution for rack-mount as well as cable duct and desktop installations. Upconvert an analog video signal to up to Full 4K DCI 4096x2160p and route it out over up to two independent 12G-SDI outputs in SD, HD, 6G, or 12G-SDI formats. Run 4096x2160p signals approximately 70 ft using 6G-SDI cables, and carry lower-resolution signals, like 3G-SDI or HD-SDI, for much longer than standard lengths. When 12G-SDI cables will be available on the market, you’ll be able to extend 4K DCI 4096x2160p signals for over 250 ft. You can also connect separate audio via full-size XLR inputs that are switchable between balanced analog and AES/EBU digital audio.


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