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Broadcast & Transmission

At BSI, We Deliver Cutting-Edge Broadcast Solutions to TV Stations, and Media Broadcasters In East Africa.

Video Broadcast

Broadcast Automation, Video Streaming, Production Lighting, Encoders, Decoders, Delay Managers, Video Mixers, Format Converters, and Video Cameras

On-Air Radio Broadcast

Radio Studio Consoles, Telephone Hybrids, Audio Processing, Automation Software, On Air Lights, Profanity Delay, Logger and OB Audio Codecs.

Transmission Solutions

Comprehensive transmission solutions include FM radio transmitters, studio transmitter links, FM radio antenna systems, band-pass FM filters, and RF audits for signal coverage.ys, BGM/PA

Studio Equipment

Complete studio equipment packages for TV, radio, and podcast needs. Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each designed to cater to the unique radio and television needs of our clients.

Remote Monitoring

Comprehensive remote monitoring solutions for TV/Radio Stations, and Media Broadcasters. From Horizon Telemetry to Network Operations Centers and IP Links Solutions

Electronic News Gathering

Designed specifically for use in the field, our ENG system is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it ideal for journalists, documentary filmmakers, and other content creators who need to capture compelling stories in real-time.