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Remote Monitoring

At BSI, We Deliver Cutting-Edge Video Broadcast Solutions to TV Stations, and Media Broadcasters In East Africa.

At BSI, we are the go-to provider of broadcast Remote Monitoring solutions in East Africa. With over 16 years of experience, we have built a strong reputation as the powerhouse behind the success of radio and TV stations across the region.

With Horizon Telemetry, users can monitor and control equipment located in remote locations, with real-time notifications dispatched via email and SMS when operational parameters are violated. Network Operations Centres provide live equipment status on customized dashboards in real-time. IP Links offer high-quality video production for live events, corporate, educational, and house of worship applications.


Horizon Telemetry site data terminal units enable users to monitor and control equipment located in remote locations. The open ended system design with embedded web servers, enables equipment from any manufacturer to be monitored and controlled using a variety of industry standard interfaces.

Email and SMS notifications are dispatched in real time when user determined operational parameters are violated. These notifications can be sent to individual users or teams for response.

  • Equipment – Parameters Monitored
  • FM Broadcast Equipment – Transmission equipment operation status such as Forward Power, reflected power, Alarm status
  • Power Generators Usage – Generator output voltage levels, Generator Temperature, Utility Voltage
  • Water Utilities – Flow rates, pipe pressure, pump status and bulk tank volumes
  • Weather and Climatic Conditions – Wind speed & Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall
  • Server Rooms – IP Links connectivity and throughput, internet availability
  • Commercial buildings – Tenant Utility Power Usage
  • Petrol Stations – Pump Sales and bulk tank levels


View live equipment status on customized dashboards in real time for ultimate peace of mind while maintaining long term logs of equipment performance for trend analysis on a secure database. Field personnel use any internet enabled device to login and monitor and control any equipment they may have access rights. Daily, weekly or monthly system reports are automatically sent to registered users emails in PDF format.
We deal with a wide range of video switchers that are ideal for any live event or installation that requires a high channel count and the ability to accept a variety of video input formats out of the box. Video Mixer brings high quality video production to live event, corporate, educational, and house of worship applications.

Looking for comprehensive remote monitoring solutions in East Africa? Look no further than BSI, the Experts

Whether you’re looking to monitor and control equipment located in remote locations, view live equipment status on customized dashboards, or deal with a wide range of video switchers, we have the expertise and technology to meet your needs. Contact us today for a FREE proposal and analysis of your needs.

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