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Power Equipment & Solutions

Customizable Power Solutions for Optimal Equipment Performance. Expert Advisory, Design, and Installation Services by BSI.

At BSI, we offer a wide range of power equipment solutions that can be customized to meet your specific electrical needs. We understand the importance of protecting your equipment from unexpected power failures and unclean power. Our team of experts provides advisory, design, installation and maintenance of the complete power system, ensuring your equipment is protected and running efficiently.

Some of our power solutions include: Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for emergency power during power failure, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) to regulate voltage fluctuations, Air Conditioning to ensure equipment operates at normal temperature, Inverter Solutions to convert DC to AC, and Solar Solutions for renewable energy use.

Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) help protect your equipment against damage from unexpected power failures or unclean power.

Based from our experience, it is really a must to have a UPS in a transmission site and studio in order to prevent downtime. This is also used to prevent damages to equipment and devices especially with electricity fluctuations.

As Broadcast Solutions International we do supply and install the UPS which provide emergency power during power failure and its power depends on the size of the UPS and its current load. If it’s a small UPS, it could give you 5 – 15 minutes backup power. If you want more minutes, we would recommend you to get a larger capacity UPS because it can accommodate more charge compared to a small size UPS.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) is used to regulate the voltage. It takes the fluctuate voltage and changes them into a constant voltage. The fluctuation in the voltage mainly occurs due to the variation in load on the supply system. As it has been seen in the past the variation in voltage damages the equipment of the power system and it’s the reason why we as Broadcast Solutions International recommend that you installed an AVR to protect your equipment.

A power inverter, is a power electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Basically Inverters are usually connected to battery and it turns battery’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

The advantage of an inverter is that it comes in variety of size most commonly 1000, 3000 or 5000 watts. And with this you can connect several batteries depending on your load hence getting more power that can run you for several hour depending on the design you have made.

At Broadcast Solutions International, We offer advisory, design and installation of the inverters ensuring the equipment are not affected by power failure.

Air conditioning units are extremely popular these days. Air conditioners reduce room temperature making it cooler ensuring that your equipment operates at normal temperature and also provides great comfort at your place. There are many different brands of air conditioners and as BSI we advise our clients to select the right system for your place based on your space and other factors. We also ensure that your equipment is installed in a suitable place, well mounted and that all Safety precautions are taken care of.

The Aim of Broadcast Solutions International is to promote renewable energy use across all its transmission sites and to provide to their client the best installation, the highest quality and reliability products.

By installing solar systems it means that you will be using less from the utility supplier and this will translate to saving on your energy bill.

We are the best solution on solar energy as we offer designs, importation, distribution and installation of the complete system.

Elevate Your Power System Today With BSI Customized Solutions. Protect Your Equipment and Avoid Downtime With Our Expert Team.

Don’t leave your equipment vulnerable to unexpected power failures or unclean power. Trust BSI’s team of experts to provide you with customized power equipment solutions, including UPS, AVR, air conditioning, inverter and solar solutions.

We offer advisory, design, installation, and maintenance of the complete power system to ensure that your equipment runs efficiently and is protected at all times. Elevate your power system today and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with BSI. Contact us now to get started.

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